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Happy 25th birthday, RR!!



Photos by Eric Ryan Anderson | Foreword & Story by Nate Poekert


If we’ve learned anything about the correlation between Fashion & Athletes it’s that footballers are schooling the rest of the sports world in personal style. (News Flash to Keyshawn Johnson on Monday Night Football, despite your best intentions, you actually CAN’T pull off a pink plaid suit). The ability to have flair both on the field and off is what sets apart this week’s Man of the Hour. Robbie Rogers is a California native, NCAA Champion, Beijing Olympian and current star of the English Championship ClubTeam, Leeds United. He’s also partner of Halsey, a menswear brand based out of California. Oh, and did we mention he’s done all of the above prior to his 25th birthday? Prior to Roger’s move to England, we caught him in our NYC Showroom to talk style, football and his clothing line. 

EA: What brought you to New York? Do you come here often?

RR: I come to New York pretty much every year. It’s my favorite city in the world. I love London,  Paris and another one of my favorites is Helsinki but New York is special. There are really cool spots everywhere but there is nothing like New York. I try to come back every off-season and visit my friends.

EA: What’s your favorite neighborhood in New York and in an ideal world what would you love to do if you could spend one day in New York?

RR: I really like Nolita. I like that it’s more mellow. There are a lot of areas in New York that are too crazy. I stayed with one of my friends off Mulberry and it was so cool with all the cafes and bookstores. In the off-season I just want to chill out and rest. I usually keep it pretty mellow when I come here in my off-season and hangout with people and get some coffee or go out to dinner. Nothing too crazy

EA: How do you think New York men’s style varies from other cities?

RR: I would say New York is very fashion forward. It’s similar to London or Paris but not as much as Scandinavia but people dress nicely here and have their own unique styles. In California it’s kind of like surfer, laid back, and more comfortable. It’s cool walking down the streets in New York and seeing all the different styles though. London seems to be a little more ahead of everyone else and very trendy.

EA: Does being a professional athlete reflect on your personal style at all?

RR: With soccer you have to express yourself on the field. You have to have a little bit of flare because there aren’t any set plays and with your style I think it’s the same. With me, from just traveling around the world and playing in different countries it has definitely influenced how I dress. I’m from California, went to the University of Maryland, I’ve played in Holland and now England, and lived in Columbus, Ohio so I think I have been all over the place.

EA: What made you want to start a clothing line?

RR: I wanted to be involved with something outside of football where I could express myself and be successful. It’s a great feeling when your friends are asking you for your product because they love what you are making. 

EA: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about having a clothing line?

RR: How much work goest into it. From fabrics to fits and colors, everything is planned and thought out. So much work is put into every season and I don’t think people realize that. 

EA: Do you have any special items you like to travel with? Any keep sakes or lucky charms?

RR: Yeah, I have this backpack that I travel with everywhere. I always have my iPad and I have the cardboard moleskins in 3 packs. I always listen to music and I have my beats.  Not really any luck charms but on game days I do certain things. When I lived in Columbus, I would always go to the same restaurant. I would also put my left shin guard on before my right.

EA: In your opinion, if a guy had to build his wardrobe around 7 pieces what would those pieces be?

RR: A good pair of boots, dark jeans, some nice chinos in any color, a leather jacket, white oxford and American Apparel scoop neck t-shirt in multiple colors.

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